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Kids Who Love to Run

What we do
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We are a non-profit organization centered around children on the Autism Spectrum. Our mission is to use structured and personalized running activities to develop running performance, social skills, and sensory regulation. 

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S= Sensory & Social
STRIDE Kids will have opportunities to explore new sensations in a safe environment while learning to play and work within small teams to meet shared running goals.

T= Techniques
Our team is made of parents, occupational and physical therapists who will design age, sensory and socially appropriate techniques to enhance running.

R= Running
We find that our kids LOVE to run. We want to give our kids a way to run off the wiggles and build an exercise habit that will last a lifetime.

I= Independence
As parents, we all want our kids to grow to be independent. Our hope, at STRIDE, is to develop confidence and independence through running, which will translate into other areas of their lives.

All kids benefit from team sports to enhance their emotional, physical, and cognitive development. We make sure they can do it in a fun, protective, safe environment.

E= Excellence 
STRIDE Kids will be able to strive for individual and group goals of excellence through quarterly and biannual running meets hosted by partnering school systems.

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